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Problem Making Raid 1

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ok, i used the Help that comes with the Full SoftRaid 5.1 on OS X 10.11.2

It appears that this help file is significantly outdated for Version 5.1 as what is in the help file simply doesn't exist in the Softraid application

My problem is this, I have a single Disk, Softraid initialized Non-Raid Volume that i would like to add an identical Softraid Initialized Disk to as a mirror creating a Raid 1 set WITHOUT losing the data/files that are on the first disk, but SoftRaid does not want to seem to let me, i've read through your help file, your website FAQ and the Forums and there are things that say you can convert Softraid volumes to non raid Apple volumes and vice versa as well as converting existing Apple non-raid Volumes to Softraid while adding another disk as a mirror.

So why is it that i can NOT take an Existing Softraid Volume and convert it to Raid 1 mirror?

Topic starter Posted : 15/01/2016 6:16 pm
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We do not have the convert code yet. We are nearly in beta with it. (Its in the release notes, I know, and since we translate the documentation into other languages kept the help in the online docs)

If you have an older Mavericks volume, you could boot from that and run 4.5.4, which has convert to Mirror as a function. (Note: SoftRAID startup volumes require additional steps when converting from a different OS - the boot cache must be rebuilt after creating the mirror)

Sorry for the confusion. We are working hard to get this released as soon as we can, it has run into delays, but converting is all we are working on engineering wise at this time.

Posted : 15/01/2016 11:40 pm
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OK, so i downloaded Mavericks again from MAS, used DiskMakerX to create a bootable installer since the Mavericks installer will not run under El Capitan, then i booted the installer disk and installed in onto yet another disk and then when that was done i installed Softraid 4.5.4 on Mavericks.

I was able then to convert the two Disks and they started rebulding just fine under Mavericks.

When i switched back to booting up my original El Capitan primary internal disk that has SoftRaid 5.1 install they continued to rebulid, however i noticed several things

First the disks make very loud "Hard Disk Writing/Reading" noises that they do not make under the Mavericks 4.5.4 SoftRaid Driver

Second I had added Drive labels, primary disk (Volume name of Storage) being "Storage" and mirror disk being "Storage Mirror". i set these with 5.1 on Capitan prior to all the Mavericks steps and they were indeed properly intact under Mav
but when i switched back to Cap SR 5.1 seems to have switched the primary/mirror assignments around, now the disk with the Label "Storage" Containing the original Volume Storage i wanted mirrored is now reported as the Secondary disk and says out-of-sync rebuilding.

Some information i did not share from the post.

Originally i had 3 USB3 Seagate Desktop+ 5TB drives in Raid4 running on Cap with SR 5.1 and one of the data disks failed and i lost a lot of data, i saved what i could to other drives and wiped both remaining drives then hooked them up to my other mac which has a USB SATSMART driver installed and checked them out, the one disk did indeed fail so i retired it to my scrap pile, the other two checked out fine so i created the storage volume with a single disk and proceded to put my files back on there but before i delete the backups that were maxing out my other drives i wanted to mirror the Storage Volume, thats when i ran into the SR 5.1 limitations.

Should i be concerned about the differences of how SR 4.5.4 and 5.1 report the drive information and how the drives are very loud under 5.1? ( i did switch back to booting under Mav several times and the two issues did only show up under SR 5.1/Cap)

Topic starter Posted : 16/01/2016 2:27 pm
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There is no known reason why the disks would sound different under one boot than another, unless for instance Spotlight was running, or the optimization is set different (for example workstation vs. Server)

So I would not worry. I think the noise is being caused by more intensive disk access.

Posted : 16/01/2016 3:12 pm