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ThunderBay Flex 8 - How Do I Combine SSD with HDD For A Mirror Volume?

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Very new to RAID management. Just got a ThunderBay Flex 8 with 1 SSD + 7 HDD. Have now successfully created my first volume in SoftRaid - a mirrored pair between two HDDs. In the SoftRaid app, I have all eight disks visible on the left (plus my Mac's internal SSD), but when I got to create a New Volume, I can only select between the 7 HDDs. I was reading on the website under "Raid Levels" (in the 3rd paragraph down from the sub-heading: "How Mirrors Work") that SoftRaid can create a fast mirror volume "combining an SSD with a normal hard disk." Although I am trying to create a RAID 1 volume, I am unable to select the SSD (the one inside the Flex 8) for all other RAID levels, not just RAID 1. My uninitiated guess is this may have something to do with seeing the SSD as a separate volume listed on the right side of the screen, titled "ThunderBay Flex," with non-RAID underneath it. When I first plugged the Flex 8 in, it mounted two volumes. "ThunderBay Flex" and "ThunderBay Flex 2" (which was in RAID 5). What am I missing?


Posted : 10/05/2021 2:10 am
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If you have a volume on the SSD you cannot create a new Mirror volume with it.

Unmount the volume first, and delete it with SoftRAID. (initialize disk)

Then you can create a new Mirror using it.

SoftRAID will automatically make the SSD the primary

Posted : 10/05/2021 9:00 am