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Please remove the "There is an update" modal window

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I've been a SoftRAID user on macOS for around 6 years. There has been one annoyance that, until recently, has managed to stay below my threshold of rage: That flipping There Is An Update modal window that will pop up at random.

Plainly, please get rid of this UX notion that should have died and been buried in the 1990s. There is nothing more irking than being in the midst of work or be in a meeting with screensharing and then seeing that damn and morbidly obese window suddenly appear as if it's now supposed to be the most important concern in my life. Put a badge on the SoftRAID icon in the menu bar if there's an update available. Use macOS notifications like any modern and sensible app does. Whatever you do, get rid of this thing. Please.

Topic starter Posted : 12/11/2021 7:41 am
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This is something that is in the works, but probably not until version 7.


Personally, I 100% agree.

Posted : 12/11/2021 9:32 am