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Malware detected in v5.8.4 update (OSX/Spigot)

New Member Customer

I downloaded the v5.8.4 update using the standard update process and my Intego VirusBarrier detected OSX/Spigot in the SoftRAIDTool file.

Was the update tampered with or is there some other issue that might cause a malware detection?

See included JPG attached (screen grab of detection).


Topic starter Posted : 07/07/2020 8:33 pm
Member Admin

We will investigate, but I think this alert is probably crap.

thanks for the alert.

Posted : 08/07/2020 2:12 am
Eminent Member Customer

How did you download SoftRAID 5.8.4? Intego's protection level is crap. VirusBarrier doesn't protect you at all. It's even more confusing for non tech people. I guess VirusBarrier classifies SoftRAID telemetry data as malware. This has not been the first time how Intego tried to promote their security apps. I really dislike their business model.

Posted : 08/07/2020 8:36 am
Member Admin

We have reached out to Intego. Lets see what happens, but for this to be the case (Malware in SoftRAID), it means Apple's code signing is not working. SoftRAID application and DMG are both code signed by Apple. So more likely, this is a false alarm.

Posted : 09/07/2020 12:04 am
Member Admin

We received this note from Intego today:

Our malware team has released an update and all users with updated definitions should no longer receive this detection.


So it was a false positive. We were pretty sure this was the case.

Posted : 09/07/2020 5:19 pm