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SoftRAID Lite Application - Missing Pipes after Update to v5.8.3

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I recently updated SoftRAID Lite v5.8.1 to v5.8.3 on a 2016 MacBook Pro13,2 running High Sierra v10.13.6 with Security Update 2020-002.

I followed the update instructions in the "Volumes Not Mounting After SoftRAID Update" doc. The update appears to have been successful in that the SoftRAID Lite application shows "SoftRAID Lite v5.8.3 - Driver v5.8.3" (see attached screenshot). There are no errors listed in the SoftRAID Lite app, and all disks and volumes are working correctly.

However, the SoftRAID Lite app no longer displays Pipes (green lines) connecting the APFS disks with their corresponding volumes.

For example, the "NVMe bus0, ID2" (APFS boot disk) disk tile in the attached screenshot is selected, but there isn't a pipe connecting it to the Macintosh HD volume. Likewise, when the "USB3 bus5, ID0" (APFS RAID 0) disk tile is selected, there are no pipes connecting it to the two "SSD-RAID0..." volumes.

Is this expected behavior of the SoftRAID Lite application v5.8.3? Or does this indicate something went wrong during the update?

Thanks for your help!

Topic starter Posted : 31/03/2020 1:35 pm
Member Admin

We do not fully support display of links to APFS volumes. Don't worry about it.

Posted : 01/04/2020 1:28 am