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Why does the Win 10 system often prompt the need to activate the system.

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The win10 system that has been activated will be prompted to activate the system after a few months of use. Is it related to my system restoration and factory settings?




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if you are reconfiguring or reinstalling your system, it is best to deactivate SoftRAID first

Unless a softRAID key has multiple seats, it can only be installed on one host at a time.

If you need to deactivate SoftRAID in the future, SoftRAID deactivates automatically during uninstallation. This enables you to then use SoftRAID on a new computer, or on the same computer if you are making significant changes or reinstalling the OS. Additionally you can go into the help menu within SoftRAID to deactivate your serial manually.

In circumstances where this is not possible, then contacting OWC support is your best option.