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SoftRAID 6.2 license key amnesia

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After performing validation on a RAID4 volume, a MacOS (11.6.2) energy saver sleep cycle SoftRAID 6.2 reverted to "Trial" mode.  Had to re-enter license key.  This particular installation was activated months ago (April 2021).

Since I have a number of different SoftRAID XT and Pro licenses, how can a licensee confirm the quantity of licenses in use.  Since I did NOT uninstall SoftRAID or DEACTIVATE the license I am concerned this installation may be consuming 2 licenses. 

One would assume there is a user friendly feature of the licensing scheme to check this, but alas I haven't discovered it.

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We do not have a way to do this yet, it will be coming in a future release of SoftRAID. I would not worry for now.