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Why the unethical licensing fee increase and forced upgrade from SoftRAID Lite 5 to SoftRAID 6 Pro?

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A volume cannot span across enclosures, i.e, to do a 16 drive RAID volume across 2 Thunderbay 8's, you need the Pro version.

Seriously, I have no idea why you keep saying that.  I never said I had or wanted a volume spanned across enclosures.  Are you a bot?


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You were asking a question about how many enclosures per license, which is unlimited, and I was clarifying the one limitation. Plus there was another comment in this thread related. Another issue is this thread is off topic for its title, this discussion is more of features. Which is fine, but I have to take into account the title of the thread.

And the issue that there is no longer clear sub-threading, so a reader may not be clear who or what I am responding to. That subject is over!

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