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License Renewal?

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What exactly happens when your license expires?

My license (SoftRAID 7 XT) expires In June and trying to figure out what happens?

Is there any an option to Renew with the same Key? How much time Prior to expires? Or do I just purchase an new Key at $119.99 ?

If you are reneweing after it expires any discount or is it the same price renewal or new?

Posted : 01/05/2023 8:08 pm
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technically nothing happens. You lose the ability to upgrade SoftRAID, and tech support is limited (we are phasing out support on expired licenses)

But SoftRIAD will continue to work fine. When the next MacOS is released, you may not be able to launch the application, but if you are on Ventura, for example, your license will work indefinitely on Ventura.


A month before your license expires, you will get notification so you can renew your support/ Upgrade plan.


does this help?

Posted : 01/05/2023 9:53 pm