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Softraid SMART monitoring on USB Drives

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Hello, I know softraid has SMART monitoring that can predict drive failures, but this feature does not work on external USB 3.0 hard drives.  For my USB hard drives, the "Smart Status" in the disk tile is blank.

I have my drives in RAID-1 mirrors.  Just wondering if the lack of SMART monitoring would put my data on the USB drives at higher risk?  If disk drive degrades and eventually stops working, I suppose I'll know at the end of its life, but since the data is mirrored, knowing about the drive failure earlier vs later should have no effect on data safety? 

I currently have 3 thunderbolt enclosures and 2 drive attached via USB, and am trying to decide if getting another enclosure is worthwhile for the added SMART monitoring.


Thanks so much.

Topic starter Posted : 05/11/2021 9:40 am
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You are correct that macOS prevents the SMART driver from loading on USB drives. Also, our driver cannot see into some USB enclosures.

You can try to load the driver by making sure the 4 OWC extensions are in /Library/Extensions, shutting down, removing all USB devices, booting up, waiting 2-3 minutes, then connecting your device and see if SMART is available. the driver can load in many cases if loaded after startup is completed.

Posted : 05/11/2021 10:19 am