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Can't Replace Missing Disk

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I've had a disk failure. However, when I get to the "add disk" step I get the error "Unable to add a disk to this volume" (see attached).

I was able to remove the failed disk before replacing it.


Screen Shot 2021 03 06 at 9.28.11 AM


Topic starter Posted : 06/03/2021 8:30 am
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Attach a SoftRAID Tech Support file and I can look at the issue. thanks!

Posted : 06/03/2021 10:44 am
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I am also having this issue with my M1 Mac mini. 


I went to upgrade a 6TB drive with a 12TB drive. First removed the 6TB drive from the RAID 5 in SoftRaid. Turned off the enclosure. Replaced the drive. But in SoftRaid it gives me the same message as above. It cannot add the disk because it cannot mount the drive.


It also will not remove missing drives or validate the volume even though you can click buttons that seem like they would work (meaning there's no error message for these actions, they just never do the action). 


Any updates on this? I'll try to attach it to a non M1 Mac and see. 



Posted : 20/07/2021 4:29 pm
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I found a solution! 



With the enclosure attached, I simply rebooted the M1 Mac mini and the drive showed up mounted. It gave me a warning saying that it would not operate at full safety since I'd removed a drive (no worries, a new drive is ready!). I clicked "Add drive..." selected the new one... BOOM. Done!

Posted : 20/07/2021 4:42 pm