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Need to update macOS - hopefully easy question

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I have macOS 10.14.1 right now on a 2018 macbook pro (think it has the T2 chip as well), and have softraid raid's (two raid 0's) attached via thunderbolt/thunderbay. I need to update the os to either Catalina or the latest Mojave so iMovie will work (nice of apple to update iMovie on my system and afterwards tell it it won't run anymore unless I update the OS!!)

My main system volume/os is on an HFS+ volume instead of an APFS - I seem to recall I had to do this to get SoftRAID to work when I first set this system up a couple of years ago.

My question is - is it safe to update my system volume now to APFS (so I can update my OS) while keeping my two RAIDs working? Did you have a technote on this?


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You are booted from a SoftRAID volume? If yes, it is complicated. If no, there is no issue and was not one before.

the startup volume is independent of any SoftRAID volumes. They are controlled by a disk driver and SoftRAID works equally well if the startup disk is APFS or HFS.

I would at least be running 10.14.6, as many bugs were fixed in Mojave, as well as security issues.

You need to disable Secure Boot:

And you may run into this issue after udpating, if your volumes do not mount, follow these instructons:

Posted : 18/05/2020 1:22 pm
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Both links result in 404's.

Might be good to fix so when searching the forum and find this solution you can read the solutions :-)

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Thanks, these links broke when we transitioned the forums. They will be fixed shortly.

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