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What are the implications of the "Optimize for..." choices of video, audio, workstation, photography?

Topic starter Posted : 12/01/2016 11:38 am
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Optimization for Mirrors and RAID 4/5/10 are primarily for rebuilding prioritization. With Stripe volumes, they aid in volume creation to optimize for your environment.

Setting Optimize for Video/audio ensures that a rebuild will not affect editing or video capture, as rebuild priority is paused while there is user activity.

With Workstation and Photography there is always some priority given to rebuilding, even when there is heavy use of the volume.

With Server optimization, full priority is given to rebuilding, above user activity, so the volume can be rebuild as fast as possible.

Posted : 12/01/2016 11:52 am
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So I use Logic Pro, I have a large amount of audio files, and "Native Instruments KONTAKT' audio files, and other virtual instruments audio files, which are audio samples.. I think it's important to get those as a whole file.. I've got my 24 TB Other World Computer Thunderbay 4 three quarters full (18 TB available to me, due to RAID 5..

I'm continually adding sample audio files, and Logic Pro song files (audio).. So it would be best if they weren't fragmented..
QUESTION - Should I Optimize for video/audio...
QUESTION - Should I not be using Logic Audio at the time?

QUESTION - Roughly how much time will it take to defrag an 18 TB drive, assuming something like 40% fragmenting?
I know you can only guess.. Without Thunderbolt, I assume it would be on the order of days..

QUESTION - The more free space on RAID, the quicker the defray will go correct?

Thanx - Mark Styles

I think your company is great.. You have an excellent product, and very prompt with tech responses. although I would love to actually be
call you for tech support (I notice more and more companies - eliminating phone tech support - I understand...

Posted : 12/01/2016 3:36 pm
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Optimization won't be a factor, RAID 5 has fixed Stripe unit sizes. Optimization primarily optimizes rebuild priorities with RAID 5.

Defragmentation will likely take several hours. It could be much longer, depending on the level of fragmentation. With your volume 75% full, your drives start getting slower, so this will increase the time also.

Defragmentation would be much faster with more free space, yes.

In our opinion: While defragmenting, you should not run anything besides basic applications, minimizing disk activity and the risks of an app hanging.

We have never offered phone support in our 20 years (except for occasional pay-per-incident support). We were in some ways, a trend setter in this. It has worked out very well for our customers also.

What we discovered was due to the cost of phone support, most companies are forced to outsource support to unskilled support personnel who would essentially read scripts off paper. Instead, by going with email only, our responses are quick, expert and very useful.

Our "tech support file" technology helps tremendously, as we can generally diagnose complex problems very quickly.


Posted : 12/01/2016 3:51 pm