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Softraid Raid 5 and Lightroom Catalogs

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Has anyone had an issue using Raid 5 with Lightroom Classic Catalogs?  I've had two different customer service folks warn against opening a lightroom catalog from a raid 5 volume.  The recommendation was to use Raid 4 because using Raid 5 with Lightroom classic is a "ticking time bomb" with the potential of causing the volume to crash.

I can't find anyone who has ran into this issue...

Topic starter Posted : 13/10/2020 4:59 pm
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Over the years, I have had a couple users complain about Lightroom. But I cannot point to anything specific. If anyone runs into this and can help us debug, we would love to and help Adobe get to the bottom of this.This is most likely a bug somewhere. I cannot see how a RAID 4 would be better/different, as what is "under" a RAID volume is invisible to Lightroom.

Posted : 14/10/2020 11:14 am
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So...I just had this problem happen.

Now you know it is true.

I am using a Thunderbay 4 (thunderbolt 2) RAID 5 setup (24 TB total).

I had been using both Lightroom and Capture One.  Sometimes I work in Lightroom Classic from my internal HD, and sometimes from a separate Raid 0 drive, and then I move the files over to my RAID 5 drive (and backup to a dual archive drive setup).

Anyhow...I was unaware of this issue, until last week when I needed to work on some images in Lightroom that had already been moved onto the RAID 5 setup.

After shutting down, I restarted the next day only to find that my RAID 5 (24TB) drive was "out of sync" and needed to be rebuilt...but, it would not mount.  I let it run for 4 days straight, thinking it would re-build and remount (duh).

Today I called OWC, and the support tech Darrin, advised me to buy DiskWarrior, and run a repair. He asked me if I had attempted to open a Lightroom catalog on that drive (saying that could have caused the problem)...and Yes, I had.



There were some issues getting the Disk Warrior to install (there's a random OS glitch in High Sierra if you have any custom settings on a Wacom Tablet, Mouse or Trackpad which will cause the "Allow" button in the System Preferences > Security & Privacy to not work.  The workaround was to disable all the custom settings on the Wacom Tablet, and then use the Keyboard...hitting the TAB key...until the "Allow" button was highlighted and press the space bar).  Then it worked, and I could install DiskWarrior.



Anyhow, after the DW repair, I was able to remount the 24TB drive, and now it's restoring properly, where I can use the drive at the same time.

I was really starting to worry I'd have to pay to have 24TB recovered.  Ouch.

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Posted : 17/09/2021 8:40 pm
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So glad Disk Warrior repaired your volume.

I wish I had a test case where we could run Lightroom and show a way to end up with corruption. Its not we do not believe it is possible, but without a reproducible test case, it is impossible to report this to Adobe. (I am confident this is a Lightroom issue, but if we could reproduce it, we would install a driver trace to see what is actually going on.

Posted : 17/09/2021 10:04 pm