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RAID 5, failing disk on rebuild

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I received notice that two of my 4 drives were failing. I followed the steps to remove and replace the first failing drive. The rebuild process started. Overnight, the second drive that had notified me of potential failure started clucking away during the rebuild, and the rebuild appeared to essentially stop. The Thuderbay still mounts and I am backing up my data to an external drive. My question is can I relink the first drive I removed from the RAID since it still works, and then remove the second drive that went belly up during the rebuild? If so, I can then start the rebuild again then eventually once that rebuild is done fix and rebuild the second drive.

Hope this makes sense.


Topic starter Posted : 31/01/2019 3:41 am
Member Admin

You also contacted us directly, and for readers here, no, once you add a replacement disk, the original cannot be added back.

In this case, the other drive had hundreds of reallocated sectors and is failing heavily.

Hopefully all was backed up first, as this drive is unlikely to last long enough to complete a rebuild. Perhaps it may last long enough to backup if required.

Posted : 31/01/2019 6:18 pm