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Re-Setup 4xSSD on RAID 0 from Mac Pro to new enclosure

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Sorry if this is elsewhere on the forum, couldn't find anything.

I had an old Mac Pro with 4x1TB SSDs in RAID 0 through SoftRAID on Firmtek PCI cards but that computer stopped starting up so I moved to a new iMac. I just received an Akitio Thunderbolt 3 4xSSD enclosure that I want to set up the same way. After inserting the disks, SoftRAID or Mac DiskUtility do not recognize the drives so I do not see how to initialize them to make a new RAID 0 set. Any advice?

Topic starter Posted : 13/10/2017 1:14 pm
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This is undoubtedly a cabling issue. Check your connections and try again.

Posted : 15/10/2017 7:22 pm