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Windows 11

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SoftRAID is giving me IO issues, rolling back to all is fine.
Event ID 158 is logged for identical disk GUIDs, for all disks in the raid.

Topic starter Posted : 25/04/2022 5:11 am
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Sorry to hear about the issues you've encountered while using the new Windows release of SoftRAID.


Please report this bug to us by opening a ticket with our support team at .

We'll want to get a Windows Diagnostic to get a better look at whats going on. With the drive array/set connected, please download and run:  


 This should generate a .ZIP file - please reply back to the automated email you will receive when opening the ticket and attach this file. 


 Additionally, if you have or can take screenshots of the problem specifically, please feel free to attach them. The more info on the problem, the better we can help. 


 Please let us know if you need any further assistance!  


Posted : 25/04/2022 11:35 am
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@softraid-support Mailed the screenshots and diagnostics.

Topic starter Posted : 25/04/2022 2:53 pm