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Urgent: Addressing Critical Issues in RAID Software v7.01

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I am writing to express my concern regarding the recent upgrade to version 7.01 of your RAID software, which has resulted in a critical issue that jeopardizes data integrity and hard drive monitoring for your customers. As a user of your software, I was disappointed to discover that, after upgrading, the RAID volumes previously displayed correctly in version 7.00 no longer appeared in version 7.01. This issue prevents the software from effectively monitoring data integrity and hard drive conditions, posing significant risks to users' data. I understand that your team is hesitant to proactively notify customers and provide a link to reinstall version 7.0 due to concerns that customers may not follow instructions properly, specifically, that they may install version 7.0 software drivers over version 7.01 software drivers, potentially creating more problems. While I appreciate your concern for potential complications, I believe that this rationale does not justify the lack of action taken. As a responsible software provider, it is essential to prioritize customer safety and data protection above all else.

Given the severity of this problem, I would like to outline the actions your team should have taken and explain why they are essential in such a situation:

1. Proactive communication: Upon discovering the code error, your team should have immediately notified all customers of the potential risks associated with upgrading to version 7.01. Prompt communication would have allowed users to avoid the risks posed by the software update and given them the opportunity to postpone the upgrade until a fix was available.

2. Detailed instructions:  Your team should have provided clear and concise instructions on how to mitigate the risks presented by the code error, including steps to roll back to the previous version, if necessary, or alternative monitoring methods to ensure data integrity and hard drive health during the interim. 

3. Detailed, step-by-step instructions: When providing customers with a link to reinstall version 7.0, include clear and concise step-by-step instructions to ensure proper installation. By breaking down the process into easy-to-follow steps and highlighting potential pitfalls, you can minimize the risk of customers making mistakes during the installation process.

4.Provide video tutorials: Create video tutorials demonstrating the proper installation process and addressing common issues. Visual aids can be an effective way to ensure customers understand the steps and expectations during the rollback process.

5. Offer additional support: Encourage customers to contact your support team if they are unsure about any aspect of the rollback process. Providing responsive and helpful assistance can further reduce the likelihood of installation errors and demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction.

6. Transparent timeline: It is crucial to keep customers informed about the expected timeline for resolving the issue. Offering a transparent schedule for delivering a patch or updated version that addresses the code error demonstrates your commitment to customer satisfaction and maintaining trust.

7. Ongoing updates: Regular communication regarding the progress of the resolution, even if there is no immediate fix, is essential to ensure customers feel supported and informed throughout the process.

8. Create a comprehensive FAQ: Develop a comprehensive FAQ or knowledge base addressing common concerns and potential issues that customers may encounter during the rollback process. This resource can serve as a valuable reference for customers and help prevent improper installation of the software drivers.

9. Apology and reassurance: An official statement apologizing for the inconvenience and potential risks caused by the code error, as well as a reassurance that you are actively working on a solution, would help maintain customer confidence in your company and its products.

Ultimately, the responsibility lies with your team to ensure that customers have the necessary information and resources to address the issue at hand. By providing comprehensive instructions and support, you can minimize the risk of improper installation while prioritizing data protection and customer satisfaction. I hope that you will reconsider your position and take the necessary actions to rectify the issue, communicate with your customers, and provide the required guidance to ensure data safety.

In conclusion, addressing such a critical issue requires prompt, transparent, and empathetic communication with your customers. Ensuring that they are well-informed and provided with appropriate guidance to mitigate the risks associated with the code error is key to maintaining trust and confidence in your software and company.

I hope that you will take these concerns seriously and act accordingly to resolve the issue and strengthen your relationship with your customers.

Posted : 29/03/2023 12:40 pm
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This particular issue (A blank window in the application) does not impact data, monitoring, or anything else. Since there is a simple workaround, while we investigate this (running the 7.0 app and leaving the 7.0.1 driver installed), we have been focused on more pressing issues to resolve.

Same with ventura 13.3, you should keep using the 7.0 app, if 7.0.1 or the next update does not resolve this. Something in the systems of a handful of users is preventing the SoftRAID Monitor from talking to the application for long enough that the SoftRAID window remains blank.


This does not downplay this issue, but it is solely a UI inconvenience. there is no driver or data impact whatsoever.


But thanks for your feedback. We are also reworking many SoftRAID pages for the major impact Ventura 13.3 has on SoftRAID. Everything becomes cleaner now, no more "Security" hassles, etc. It was a lot of work to accomplish this.

Posted : 29/03/2023 1:00 pm
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Thank you for your response to the concerns raised in the forum post regarding the issues with version 7.01 of your RAID software. While I appreciate your acknowledgment of the problem and the suggestion of a workaround, there are several aspects of your response that warrant further discussion.

  1. Underestimation of the issue's impact: Your response suggests that the issue is solely a UI inconvenience and does not impact data, monitoring, or anything else. However, the blank window in the application prevents users from seeing their RAID volumes, which directly impacts their ability to monitor data integrity and hard drive health. Although the driver and data may not be directly affected, the loss of visibility to critical information hinders the user's ability to maintain the system effectively.

  2. Lack of clear guidance: The workaround suggested in your response is not accompanied by detailed, step-by-step instructions to ensure proper execution. This omission leaves room for confusion and potential mistakes, which may further exacerbate the issue for affected users.

  3. Insufficient communication: While you mention that your team is working on more pressing issues and reworking SoftRAID pages for the impact of Ventura 13.3, there is no clear communication regarding the timeline for resolving the issue at hand. Customers are left without a solid understanding of when they can expect a resolution or what steps they should take in the meantime.

  4. Limited acknowledgment of user frustration: Your response does not address the frustration and inconvenience experienced by users affected by this issue. It is important to validate their concerns and demonstrate empathy for the challenges they are facing.

Your response could be improved by providing a more comprehensive explanation of the issue's impact, offering clear guidance for the suggested workaround, communicating a transparent timeline for resolving the problem, and demonstrating empathy towards affected users.


Posted : 30/03/2023 5:53 am
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The SoftRAID Monitor and Application need to communicate to present disk information to the user. Either the Monitor is not responding fast enough, or something in MacOS is preventing the message from passed getting through to the application. We have not traced this down to root cause yet.

Both SoftRAID driver and the Monitor are working. (if you see the SoftRAID icon in the menu bar, that is the SoftRAID Monitor)

Workaround: You can launch the SoftRAID 7.0 application to manage your volumes. (just do not "update" the driver, cancel instead). Since there are no Application level user interface changes, the 7.0 application is identical to 7.0.1 and will work fine. If we are unable to get this fixed in time for 7.5, the same applies.

If I tried to count, I have seen 20-25 total users affected by this, perhaps less.

A link to the 7.0 application is here:


Hope this helps.

Posted : 30/03/2023 10:04 am