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Rolling back to 6.2.1

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I'm currently using SoftRAID 6.2.1 with MacOS 12.4 and is working for me, so I'm nervous about upgrading to 6.3 as I've had problems in the past and don't want to ruin the working setup I have. However, I can't find an installer for 6.2.1 online for me to rollback if I need to. Where can I get the installer? (I can't use time machine as the Time Machine volume on my ThunderBay 8 caused Kernel Panics).

Topic starter Posted : 11/08/2022 5:13 am
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Do the upgrade over the weekend, and I can assist if there are any issues. There should not be. You will need to "Allow" OWC again.

Sharing is the main thing affected in 6.3, it was mostly a bug fix release, and focused on fixing all the licensing issues.

Posted : 11/08/2022 10:48 am