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Confirming This Is Okay. SoftRaid Error Initializing Bootable Backup Created In Disk Utility (APFS)

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Not too concerned about this one but thought it would be wise to confirm. My four-week operating system "upgrade" has finally, safely, come to an end. In the process I was ready to let go of a bootable backup which was created in Disk Utility using the NVMe SSD drive that shipped in my ThunderBay Flex 8. This was a fully bootable Catalina backup that I held onto for a month until I was certain the migration to Big Sur was stable. 

After confirming everything was good, I went into SoftRaid and wanted to simply erase the volume but the options to were greyed out, and all I was allowed to do was mount or dismount the volume. I assumed this was because it was a bootable APFS container that had been created using Disk Utility. Since I was going to ultimately use the disk with SoftRaid, I figured the way to get around this would simply be to Initialize the disk itself. When I did, this error appeared. "An Internal part of the the SoftRAID application has stopped functioning properly. Please quit SoftRAID and relaunch it."

Upon closing SoftRAID, I noticed that my bootable clone was still fully intact, and I could still fully navigate the file structure, so I knew nothing had been deleted at all. At that point, I went into Disk Utility, erased the disk from the top level, re-formatted it to MacOS Extended Journaled, and everything ran smooth as a champ. Went back into SoftRAID, converted the volume to a SoftRAID volume, which worked like a champ, and now all is well.

I'm not too concerned but given the borderline trauma of the past month (technology....stresses me) I thought I should confirm that so long as the rest of the process ran smoothly, there's no reason to re-certify or otherwise check the disk. It shipped pre-certified of course. I almost have a mind to delete the empty volume on the disk now that it can be done in SoftRAID, and re-initialize the disk for no other reason than to confirm that it can be done, because I assume the issue was something like SoftRAID safeguarding what it may have thought was a critical startup disk. But instead of doing that right at the moment, I thought I should confirm that this was clearly software related and doesn't introduce any viable concerns for the disk itself.

Also, SoftRaid 6.3 on macOS 11.6.8 


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Can't edit so the one-line update. Unless told differently, I pronounce this fine now. Impatience was strong on this one so after the erase/reformat in Disk Utility and subsequent conversion to a SoftRAID volume, I did indeed delete the volume and re-initialize within SoftRAID. 100% success. No concerns now unless anyone smarter tells me I should be 

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SoftRAID cannot erase APFS volumes, so that is why the error. Its a bug, minor, but annoying when a user encounters it.


No need to recertify a disk, unless you suspect it is not functioning correctly.

Posted : 06/09/2022 12:59 am