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Update window persisting, despite "Check for Updates" being turned off.

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Been using SoftRAID since MacOS 9, long time fans here at our shop. But we're a bit perplexed by recent behavior with the software.

We were alerted by a customer that accidentally updated SoftRAID on their server, despite our settings for SoftRAID to not check for updates. This led to a flurry of calls between us, the employee and their employer. They were understandably concerned what might happen with the update, especially after having to reboot the server without scheduling.

So we looked in to this further and noticed this is happening on all of our SoftRAID 5 installs. We've had to take time to contact our customers to notify them to disregard this constant pop-up window.

We've noticed the SoftRAID monitor constantly calling out to several destinations on the internet. For now, we have deployed Little Snitch to block this traffic where firewalls are not available to do so. We hope SoftRAID can fix this broken preference in the software and, perhaps, give the end user an option to disable internet chatter for such a crucial and critical disk utility.

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Topic starter Posted : 02/10/2021 9:47 am
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Sorry for this problem. Its too late to fix any 5.x bugs, but I wil make sure to pay attention to this preference in version 6, when you disable check for upgrades, it should stop checking.


We only check one location for SoftRAID upgrades, I think the other pings are for the "Keen IO" statistics. We do not do any other traffic.

Posted : 02/10/2021 11:19 am