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OWC miniStack STX Questions

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How does Mac OS see the 2 drives in this new hardware? As one single drive or as a separate SSD and HDD? The website quotes the system as delivering 770 MB/sec. Is that out of the box or with a RAID 0 configuration with Softraid?

I am thinking of purchasing this system as a working drive to edit a single video project off of (likely 8TB to 12TB of storage at a time) with my larger server to just store data for projects not in use. I am having trouble determining what type of speed and storage space I would get from one of these when set up.


Topic starter Posted : 13/07/2022 3:02 pm
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The MiniStack has two drives in it, an NVMe blade and a standard HDD. Most common configuration is a 2TB SSD and 14TB HDD.

the NVMe can do the 700MB/s, not the HDD. its designed for convenience, not as much for speed. While the internal NVMe is very fast the internal HDD is a standard HDD in terms of performance.


Posted : 13/07/2022 11:02 pm