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Softraid on Mercury Dual

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I bought a Mercury dual to run in RAID 1 mode. However, the manual states that it needs two identical drives (up to the firmware). That kind of defeats the purpose of RAID 1: with a drive failure in two years time I never will find an identical one to rebuild the array. 

So I am considering setting the Dual to independent and use Softraid (XT) to create the RAID 1 array. Is this a viable and reliable solution? Will softraid be able to rebuild the array in the Mercury Dual using a different but similar size drive as a replacement?

And (on a 2012 MacMini on USB 3.0) does it result in a significant performance hit when I use Softraid instead of hardware RAID?




Topic starter Posted : 03/12/2020 2:17 pm
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Yes you can do this. and SoftRAID does not care about what disk you have.

I don't think you will get much of a performance hit on a Mirror.

Posted : 03/12/2020 8:40 pm