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Random crashes and size of directory question

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I'm using 10.13.6 on a 2015 15" mac, softraid XT 5.7. I'm getting random crashes of Softraid telling me that there's been some internal error. All except for the first time, restarting the app has been ok - the first time, the app reported errors in my SR volumes, and I had to reboot. Is this a known issue?

Second question, I was copying various directories to rescue an external drive and noticed that a directory on the drive EXFAT would be 300G say, but when copied to a SR volume, it becomes 500G, and when copied back to a Mac volume it is back to 300G. It's a big difference.

Topic starter Posted : 25/09/2018 6:42 pm
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Might be a permissions/ownership issue. Try to "reinstall SoftRAID driver" on your boot volume. If you still get this error, send a tech support file to support at softraid and we can look at it.

On your other question, SoftRAID does not talk to the file system, so this is really an OS X question.

My guess is this is an allocation block issue and a feature of how the two file systems work, rather than a "bug".

Posted : 26/09/2018 8:45 pm