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errors re: disks locking to prevent corruption

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Hi, new to the forum and very new to RAID, so apologies if I'm not including correct info. Purchased last Dec. and things were fine until I started getting messages like this:

Sep 9 2023 - SoftRAID Driver: A disk (disk3, SoftRAID ID: 08520AB3D5E11900) for the SoftRAID volume "Flywheel RAID 1" (disk7) was removed or stopped responding while the volume was mounted and in use.

Sep 9 2023 - SoftRAID Driver: The SoftRAID volume "Flywheel RAID 1" (disk7) encountered an error (E00002E4). A program attempted to read or write to a volume which was no longer accepting i/o requests.

Then today I got:

Sep 30 1743 - SoftRAID Driver: One or more of the disks for the volume "Flywheel RAID 1" (disk8) is no longer usable. The volume is now locked to prevent data corruption. Please restart your Mac to use this volume again.

I rebooted and all the disks tested fine? When I previously looked at the Mac Console re: i/o request error, it seemed Red Giant software and Microsoft Office were trying to gain access when my Mac was asleep, but not sure if that's it? Thanks so much for any help you can offer!

(On a iMac running Mojave 10.14.6 w ThunderBay RAID 4 using Soft RAID Lite 5.8.4)

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The disks ejecting means the Thunderbolt chipset somewhere reset which ejects the disks.

The second message means that the disks were assigned new BSD numbers, which should never happen, so the SoftRAID driver write protects the volume as a precaution. That can happen if the enclosure loses power during sleep, the cable could be loose, or sometimes ththis issue is triggered by hubs. SoftRAID is protecting you, but it is not a good scenario.

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Posted : 01/10/2020 1:11 pm