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Do I need to initialize drives just to use SoftRAID to monitor JBOD drives?

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I apologize for my ignorance about RAID.  I have been using SoftRAID XT Lite for over a year simply to monitor my four JBOD drives in an OWC quad enclosure.  This program does not work under Big Sur, and OWC sent me a link to the current beta of SoftRAID.  The instructions say to first initialize my drives using the Drive menu under the SoftRAID program.  Questions:  1.  If my only use for SoftRAID to in monitor my 4 JBOD drives, is initialization necessary?  2.  If so, will the initialize process have any effect on the data on my four drives?  3.  Either way, can anyone give me the steps to expect to take once I launch the program the first time?  I do not want to mess up anything once I am in the middle of it.  The external drives include a CCC clone of my main SSD drive; all my photo files for Lightroom; a clone of the photo files; and a Time Machine backup.  Thank you for helping a newbie!

Posted : 25/01/2021 3:14 pm
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In general, no. But to have the driver load to actively monitor for IO errors, I would have one disk, even if a thumbdrive with SoftRAID disk format, so the driver is loading. (If no SoftRAID disks are connected, the driver will unload in a minute or two.)

Posted : 25/01/2021 6:21 pm