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MacBook Pro M1 drives unmounted

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Read through all the I'm trying to work through this.  Maybe I'm not understanding suggested steps.

Can't get drives to mount on my new MacBook Pro M1 using Monterey 12.1.  It was working find on my other MacBook Pro running Big Sur 11.6.

  • System Preferences | Privacy | Files and Folders | SoftRAID 6.2 has access to Removable Volumes (same as my prior MacBook)
  • System Preferences | Privacy | Full Disk Access | Not granted (wasn't on my prior MacBook either)
  • I've tried to Mount manually, but it goes back to Unmounted.
  • I've reinstalled several times
  • I've rebooted several times

Can you help?


Posted : 27/01/2022 8:54 am
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Did you do this?
Select reduced security and enable this:
Select the “Allow user management of kernel extensions from identified developers” checkbox to allow installation of software that uses legacy kernel extensions.

After enabling third party extensions, reinstall the SoftRAID driver, (do not immediately restart) and go to System Preferences / Security to "Allow" OWC as an identified developer.

A dialog box should pop up directing you to System Preferences/Security. Go there and "Allow" OWC, before restarting. then click "restart later" in System Preferences, and quit. Go back to SoftRAID and restart.

Posted : 27/01/2022 10:32 am
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FIXED!!  Can't thank you enough for that help/support.  Greatly appreciated.


Posted : 27/01/2022 11:08 am
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@softraid-support man you saved my life too. now workks on my mbp 16 m1 max

Posted : 28/01/2022 10:38 am
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glad to be of service. Maybe I didn't save your life, but certainly reduced your frustrations!

Posted : 28/01/2022 10:55 am