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Set up Raid 0 for Photography on Big Sur - M1 Mac

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I am a commercial photographer and just downloaded Softaraid 6 Beta to set up two ThunderBlades SSD 8TB each in RAID 0 to store my photos.

I am running MacOS 11.1 on a Mac mini M1.


Three questions:



Under Optimized for I will choose: “Digital Photography” BUT under File System should I chose the default “HFS+” or “ADFS”?



Considering I am working with large photography files ( 100Megapixels / 400 Megabites TIFF files) would it be best to choose 64, 128 or 256?



I will also set up a third Thunderblade 16TB as a back up. Planning to set this one up as RAID 4.

Any comments or suggestions?


Thank you so much,



Topic starter Posted : 06/01/2021 2:24 pm
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Volume optimization has two purposes: rebuild optimization and assistance in setting stripe unit size when creating a RAID 0 volume. If these are HDD's choose HFS, it is faster. For photography as you describe, 64MB is fine. Larger sizes are primarily for video streaming.


RAID 4 is good for a Thunderblade for backup. Sounds good!

Posted : 06/01/2021 3:19 pm
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@softraid-support Thank you very much for your reply. The disks are not HDD. They are SSD. Should I choose ADFS?

Topic starter Posted : 06/01/2021 4:15 pm
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SSD's the performance hit from APFS is not important.

Its up to you:

APFS more flexible, should be more robust as a volume.

However, there is no recovering from APFS volumes (like Disk Warrior) at this time, should a problem occur, so make sure your backups are in place.

Posted : 06/01/2021 5:21 pm
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Got it. Thank you so much for the quick responses!

Topic starter Posted : 07/01/2021 6:39 am