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Certify/Mojave issue

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Setting up a new Thunderbay 6 with OSX 10.14.5 and Softraid XT

I'm just certifying my (new) drives and I'm getting the frequent "internal part of Softraid failed" messages, which I see has been reported by others. (Very annoying when a very long certification is extended by stops when it's not watched - esp overnight.)

In case it's helpful to your engineers, I also experienced this:

When I plugged another TB3 device (IOGear TB3 to eSATA adapter) into the daisy chain port on the Thunderbay. Softraid XT *immediately* reported that all 5 of the drives in process of being certified had errors and should be replaced! I'm pretty sure that's not possibly correct, and it must be a software issue, but...

(The adapter worked fine, btw)

I removed the adapter, rebooted and restarted the certification, which is continuing, and showing "no errors" on all drives.


Topic starter Posted : 01/06/2019 7:24 pm
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I agree that the application quitting is very annoying. We have not yet found root cause on that.

When you connected the device, the bus probably reset. Certify uses an OS X script, and anything that disrupts the bus could cause these errors to be reports. Don't worry about it.

Posted : 01/06/2019 8:04 pm