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Issues with my SSD RAID

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I was having serious problems about 2-3 months ago, with long copy jobs from my new 4-drive SSD Raid 5 setup, with the M1X Mac crashing and restarting when doing copying. I got busy and didn't test this particular issue (meaning it was maybe fixed), but in the current version (6.2.1b5?), I discovered a new issue: when I booted my computer and logged in, when the computer first accesses the SSD RAID I get an instant crash and reboot. 

I've put what info I could find, along with a video of the crash, here:

Gotta say though, guys, a weird program that panics more than the Mac itself if I ever forget to disconnect the drives first, drivers that need my admin password to load, and more crashes than I can remember having on my Mac in a decade...I am very, very close to throwing in the towel an using Apple's free RAID option.

Posted : 10/01/2022 9:38 am
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The reason you need to enter your password each time, is another macOS bug. The driver SoftRAID installed is not the version that is loading, as the StagedExtensions" did not get updated, so 6.2 is loading in your system. Do a "uninstall SoftRAID driver", restart, "Allow" OWC in System Preferences again and that will fix this issue.

When you update a driver, macOS should update the extensions cache. but it does not always happen.


The panic is the bug that Apple is investigating and we are waiting for a solution from their engineer. (or a notification that a Monterey update will fix this) Hopefully any day now, we will hear on this.

Especially since you have SSD's, if you can take the time, change your RAID 5 to RAID 4. RAID 4 works about the same as RAID 5, but with flash media is 10-15% faster on reads. So there is a benefit to that.

Whatever the problem causing this crash, it is only on RAID 5, it does not happen on RAID 4.

Posted : 10/01/2022 10:31 am
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Roger. I will switch to Apple's RAID method and try SoftRaid again in a few months.

Posted : 12/01/2022 2:27 am