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Goodbye OWC / SoftRAID (yes, this is because of v6 upgrade pricing for OWC owners)

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I am shocked to find SoftRAID wanting $99 to upgrade to v6 in order to run hardware purchased from OWC (Thunderbay 4). The alternative is to remain on antiquated macOS versions that are compatible with v5, which is really not an option.

It is simply unconscionable to charge upgrade fees in order to continue to use a piece of hardware I already paid for. In addition, the years of constantly running behind macOS versions and chasing down bugs and incompatibility issues have been tedious. Now this. This is is the last straw.

So goodbye OWC / SoftRAID. For a while you seemed like a reasonable option to get a cost effective RAID setup, while having still manageable amount of crap to deal with.

But no more. You just lose my business. Forever.

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SoftRAID is a software application bundled with the hardware. Your enclosure is a JBOD enclosure which used SoftRAID to add functionality. We work hard to keep SoftRAID up to date with macOS releases, especially as fast changing (and in some ways unstable) as MacOS has been in the past few years.

SoftRAID is not a "RAID utility" that sets up a volume, does not do anything further, and you forget about it.The issue with that "better" alternative is there is no hardware support after your warranty expires, and generally you cannot even get parts after a few years, you are locked into high priced hard drives, limited models, etc. Its all about trade offs.

SoftRAID actively manages your disks, predicts future failures and has to be maintained. Its an "Active" application, as opposed to "Passive".

Hence there will be upgrades on occasion.


Sorry that you feel this way.

On the other hand, I have a (unnamed) hardware RAID here in my office that the configuration utility does not launch and there is no upgrade at all.

A set of drives set up by SoftRAID in 2013 for instance, (or older!) will still work and be fully supported, on Big Sur.

You are really going to hate the imminent "vehicle subscriptions", a monthly fee to enable the use of the electronics on your vehicle.


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@softraid-support Just in these forums alone I have noted at least 3-4 other users echoing the exact same sentiments over this $99 Big Sur penalty fee. I dearly wish your exec team would concede that this was a very bad idea and they should reverse course.

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I thought the cost was $50 to upgrade. After months of suffering with all the problems of incompatibility on the various betas, I finally went to upgrade and was also super upset to see the cost was $100. That is really high. I already own this software. I could live with $50 to support the ongoing fixes, but $100 is A LOT. It feels wrong.

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The cost of recent Pro to 6 is $49

The $99 XT upgrade cost applies if your all your Thunderbays are out of warranty (3 years on units with drives)

Management is being given user feedback, but upgrade pricing is not likely to change.