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Softraid 6 on same iMac two volumes?

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Hi, I am currently running MacOs 10.14 Mojave and am planning on upgrading to MacOS11 Big Sur soon.  I have some 32bit apps I'd still like to run which is not supposed on MacOs 11,  so I created another volume on my iMac's internal SSD and have installed Mojave on it so I can dual boot.

Because I am dual booting, only one operating system and one copy of softraid would be in-use at the same time, and they are running on the same computer/hardware.  Can I use the same license key for both installations of softraid 6 on both boot volumes?  Would softraid recognize that only one copy is active at any one time and allow the program to run without needing to deactivate the license key before I reboot onto the other volume?


Thanks so much


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No problem at all