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Extending a RAID5 Volume with new drives

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I have a Thunderbay 8 filled with 6TB drives. It's working fine with RAID5.

Now, I also have a Thunderbay 4 with empty 6TB drives. I'm wondering if there's a way to add those 4x6tb drives to the 8x6tb RAID5 volume. So that I can have a 12x6tb RAID5 volume. And most importantly, would that be possible to do that without formatting all the drives? Basically, I want to extend my Thunderbay8 without having to backup all the data.

Thanks in advance for advice.


Topic starter Posted : 24/06/2022 3:45 am
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Sorry, we cannot add disks to an existing volume like that. Maybe someday

Posted : 24/06/2022 10:45 pm
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It’s hard to justify the modularity of thunderbolt enclosures if we cannot actually add them easily..

Posted : 28/08/2022 5:33 pm
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Understand. But it is also hard to justify adding a feature when it is not 100% rock solid. Look at the companies who have had problems with this, such as Drobo. Especially when we need to support "any" enclosures, it makes it more important to do it right.

Posted : 28/08/2022 5:56 pm