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Thunderbay 6 with the extra M.2 NVMe slot

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I have looked the forums for a while to try and find any info on this but haven't been able to find anything.

I have the Thunderbay 6 enclosure, when buying it I had no idea that it had a M.2 NVMe slot. And got really curious about it.
What are the possibilities?
I will soon be running 6x10tb HGST drives on it, is it possible to have the SSD to work as a cache or in any way be added to the mix to make the raid 5 that I was thinking of running any faster?
In that case, how do I set it up, what size is on the SSD is recommended?

Or is it just best to use for scratch-disk?

Thanks for any help, and I wish you all good holidays.

Posted : 22/12/2020 6:12 am
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We originally intended for the M2 slot to be a cache, yes. But it was not delivering the performance we expected so put it on the back burner. You can use it as an extra drive, photoshop/video scratch disk, etc. It is a full M2 slot.

Posted : 22/12/2020 10:22 am