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Help: Which Raid Option is Best for NVME?

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I've got a Express 4M2 enclosure with 4 bay. 

I installed four NVMe SSD(each has 2TB and max 3000MB/s) on it.

I've already read about the differences between Raid options. I am still confused what to choose. It would be very important to choose right one for the first time. 

My usual workflow with this would be like "Audio Sample files", "Digital Art Presets", "Video footages" something like that; Sounds like mixed situation(Big/Small chunk files)

I may backup some important files to separated(isolated) Network HDD NAS(Very Slow)  for additional extra secure but I don't want to backup the all stuff bc some of that aren't important to backup. I don't want to lose it all though.

I am aware of that Raid1 and Raid10 would be a good option for the extra safety(cause it uses mirroring).

But I want to boost the Read performance and use the storage capacity as much as possible.

So, for my case, Raid4, Raid5 and Raid10 would be good to go. 

In the article, for SSD users, is it true that Raid4 is better than raid5? 

If so, I should pick one between Raid4 and Raid1+0(10).


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Topic starter Posted : 12/11/2021 8:43 am
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With NVMe RAID 4 will give you the best performance on reads, as the OS only needs to read from 3 disks, and not have to discard the parity data. (With HDD's this turns out not to matter)

RAID 10 will give you 2 disks worth of read performance, excellent protection, good performance.

Posted : 12/11/2021 9:26 am
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@softraid-support  In my case, Raid4 works better than Raid5 for NVME  you think? 

Topic starter Posted : 12/11/2021 9:44 am
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As I mentioned, RAID 4 is faster on reads with flash media.

Posted : 12/11/2021 10:52 am