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Resize RAID5 Volume Question

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During creation of a new RAID5 volume on Monterey running SoftRAID 6.3, one of the disks failed Certification.  I don't have a spare of the same size, just a smaller one.

I have a machine on Mojave running SoftRAID 6.2.

If I create the new RAID5 volume with the one smaller drive on the Monterey machine, will I be able to resize the volume on the Mojave machine once I obtain a replacement disk?  (another post (Cannot Resize Volume - with lots of free space) appears to imply that could work)

Topic starter Posted : 23/08/2022 2:57 pm
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If you have 6.0.5, you can resize, yes.


You do not need to install the driver, just resize and quit.


here is a link:

Posted : 23/08/2022 4:33 pm