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[Solved] Unable to Create Raid Volumes

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Hello all, I hope I am not being a total numpty with this

I have just purchased SoftRAID 3 Lite for Windows and installed.  When I open the software, under the All Disks section I can see all the disks attached including the 4 disks in my Yottamaster 4 bay enclosure V,W,X,Y (I am wanting to create 2 X Raid 1 with these 4 disks)  .  They are all showing 0 bytes free


They are all GPT formatted (I have tried NTFS and ExFat) and they are all the same size (3TB each) WD Reds

When I try to create a raid volume I get the window asking if I want Raid 0 or 1,  I select 1 (have also had the same issue with 0) and I then just get the window I have attached a picture of


Any help would be appreciated


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Posted : 15/05/2022 3:11 pm
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The disks already have volumes on them. Initialize them with SoftRAID first.

Posted : 16/05/2022 11:41 am
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Admin is correct - strip the disks back to nothing in Disk Management.  Delete all partitions.  Then use SoftRAID to initialize your disks and create the RAID.

WARNING:  You may receive an error message in SoftRAID showing that the volume cannot be found and the RAID could not be created.  Ignore that, go back to Disk Management, scroll to the bottom of the volume/partition list and find your new RAID.  Right-click on the volume name and assign a drive letter.  That drive letter may open showing a empty drive and SoftRAID will recognize its new baby chicks...sorry, RAID volume.

Admin - correct me as needed.  I am a Windoze user new to OWC and SoftRAID and sometimes the documentation doesn't have everything I am looking for.

Posted : 02/07/2022 2:25 pm
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Hi @mcclaigg,

ich have the same problem with the error message, but after creating like describted - no raid is shown in diskmanagement. There are 2 separate disks with 4 volumes and i can't assign a drive letter.

Softtraid shows the raid volume with status - not mounted.

any tipps for me?

How can i initialize the drive by Softraid after deleting all volumes in diskmanagment?

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Posted : 04/07/2022 4:51 am
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I got it. Uninstall - Reboot - Install - Reboot. Creating Raid -> error message -> additional to the 2 separate disks, there is a new disk for the raid and i can formating and assign a drive letter.

Posted : 04/07/2022 11:01 am
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You should fill in a support form for this, at


Go here to save a Windows support file:


When you get a response, then attach the support file.


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Posted : 04/07/2022 2:06 pm
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Glad you figured it out!

Posted : 04/07/2022 2:07 pm