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Volume Not Supported After Updating to SoftRAID Lite 5.8.2

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So we finally get the fix to the crashing-when-sleeping bug, and so I update to SoftRAID Lite XT 5.8.2 and now the software is telling me the volume I have is not supported by SoftRAID??

This is (was) a working RAID 1+0 volume, that worked completely fine (aside from the sleep/crash issues on the previous OS); that now suddenly I can't even mount because of SoftRAID limitations? What gives? And how to I get my volume mounted again. So far nothing but problems with this stuff.

Topic starter Posted : 12/02/2020 10:29 pm
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Answered your other post, the mounting problem is because you need to approve OWC as an Identified developer.


I do not understand the 1+0, as you have a XT Lite license, as far as I know.

Did someone else set up the system for you?? (This would not be a new issue, the RAID 1+0 would mount but Lite cannot rebuild it, for instance)

Posted : 15/02/2020 12:14 pm