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Disk is currently being used by another application

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Hello, I'm on macOS 11.6.5 (big sur) and have installed Softraid lite 6.2.1.  I'm unable to initialize a disk, getting an error message that the disk is currently being used by another application.  I saw that this is a known issue for 6.2.1 and the work around is choose Disk / Zero sectors and then choose the option for first and last 100 sectors.  However when I do that, I get the same error message that the zero's can't be written because the disk is in use by another application.  How can I proceed?

Topic starter Posted : 12/04/2022 4:01 pm
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Something is using the disk. I suspect you cannot unmount it?

Maybe try force unmount it first, then you can initialize/zero the disk.

Posted : 12/04/2022 4:20 pm
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@softraid-support That was the problem.  Thanks!

Topic starter Posted : 12/04/2022 4:44 pm