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Upgrade Raid5 to Raid6 with SoftRaid6?

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I just bought a Thunderbay6 with SoftRaid XT. I'm coming from using Drobos, which we added drives over time to increase our space. I purchased 5x 16TB Seagate drives for the Thunderbay, with the idea that I could add a 6th down the road. Just 30min ago I found that this is not possible with SoftRaid, and I'm still reeling from this info, having come from a world in which this has been commonplace for years.

Okay... I'm making peace with this... slowly. Angry as hell, but making peace.

But in hopes of not letting that 6th bay go to COMPLETE waste, will it be possible with SoftRaid6 to add another drive and move from RAID5 to RAID6? Our space needs as a video editing company are multiplying exponentially, and I'd like to know I can use my enclosures to the best of our ability, if not for increased storage than at least for increased security.

We use BackBlaze religiously, but at 64TB of data, obviously making a physical backup just to add a drive is out of the question.

Topic starter Posted : 12/02/2020 10:21 pm
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Adding a parity drive is indeed something we should be able to add for RAID 5 to 6, as it does not involve moving massive amounts of data around.

So hopefully, yes!

Posted : 15/02/2020 12:12 pm