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[Sticky] Monterey Volume not mounting

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Posted by: @softraid-support


If you "reinstall SoftRAID driver", you should get a prompt if you wait a minute by MacOS. Click System Preferences and it will jump right there.

I don't have a photo handy, but can capture one if you are still unable to get there.

Worked for me... New M1 Pro MacBook Pro 2021, MacOS 12.5.1, SoftRAID 6.3 migrated. Had to reinstall driver and Allow process. You know it's going to work when the pop-up shows up (then quickly disappears saying), "reinstalling..." at restart in System Preferences. Good to go. 

Macbook Pro Retina 2019, internal 1TB storage, 32GB RAM, two external T3 enclosures (2.5TB online storage), 6x500GB, EVO SSD, RAID 4; MacOS Mojave.

Posted : 30/08/2022 5:56 am
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