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Future Apple Silicon Macs won’t support Kernel Extensions - How will softraid work in this scenario?

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I just read this article that indicates via article published by Apple, future apple Silicon Macs won’t support kernel extensions.

Can SoftRaid continue to work with this limitation?



Topic starter Posted : 18/02/2021 3:48 pm
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Its actually good news, assuming Apple follows through.

Drivers are moving to "userland", meaning they will not be in the kernel any longer. Driver developers have been promised a driver kit. Once that is released, we intend to port SoftRAID to the new system ASAP.

The good news is issues like this M1 problem, security issues, driver downgrades, etc, should all disappear forever. (one can hope!)

Performance may be an issue. Probably not for M1 machines, but intel processors were not designed for this, and so may have performance issues with userland drivers.

Posted : 18/02/2021 4:11 pm
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I assume that is somewhat ridiculous of Apple to make kernel extensions a legacy before releasing driver kit. Back to front by the sounds of it. Surely they should have released driver kit, given developers plenty of time to move over to that, and the.make kexts legacy?  I presume this back to front approach by Apple is what’s causing all of the compatibility issues at the moment?

Posted : 01/04/2021 10:32 pm
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Thqt is just part of it. The security teams seem to be running the OS teams, and quality takes a back seat. Hopefully all will settle down.

Posted : 02/04/2021 1:02 am